Monday, December 15, 2008

final blog and personal study

As my last post I would like to talk about a quick study I have wanted to do for this blog all semester. This study was done by asking 6 different female college students at Washington State University. All of these women were asked the same question of “how do you feel about the role women play in politics today, and do you feel that women receive the same rights that males do? I recorded all of the replies that were given to me and came up with these theories.
Of the replies I received in this study there was one response that I received from all 6 interviews. This response was that they felt like women share all of the same freedoms that men do and more. What they were saying by this is that they don’t feel like sexism plays a role in society anymore and furthermore women receive privileges and are accepted in more ways than men. This was further insinuated in an example that one women gave me which was there are more options and alternatives for women in life than men. Of these opportunities and privileges are women are sometimes hired for jobs over men only because they are female and many large companies need to have female representation to avoid accusations of sexism, the same thing applies with the racial issue. Many companies are hiring people of other ethnicities over white applicants to instill diversity in their companies. Another example that I thought of was the amount of college scholarships offered to women and other ethnicities. If anything this makes it look like the white male is now at a disadvantage. However statistics still show this is not the case. This small and short study I completed didn’t make any major uncovering but it did tell me that most women feel that they are not discriminated against and feel that sexism is no longer an issue as it was years ago.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facts About Female Elections Past and Present.

A website that has been a major contributor to my blog is
I spoke about it in my last blog as well; however I continue to find really good sources and articles that pertain to my blog topic of Women in Politics. I was searching through this website trying to find something to write about and under the facts tab are tons of facts about not only this year’s elections but elections that date back to 1996. Along with election results were fact sheets and historical summaries of women candidates that were running for office this year as well as many previous elections. I found one sheet that listed all of the women candidates running for Congressional and Statewide offices in 2007. The sheet showed what office they were running for, the state in which they were running, whether the seat was open, incumbent, or there was a challenger as well as the result of the election. I was actually very surprised to see that in over 100 elections that women were running in, they won over 90 percent of them. As well as fact sheets on elections there are also facts and reports that are made available by the CAWP that show voter turnout, gender gap, women’s vote watch in this year’s election as well as past years, as well as facts about Resources for and About Women of Color. I also noticed that the web site included links to other websites that offered campaign training for women. This site was called “Ready to Run” and is a bi-partisan national effort to recruit and train women to run for all levels of office. The amount of information on this web site that covered female politics is amazing, I only wish that I could have found this site earlier in the semester when I first started my blog project.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Website connected to Women's Politics.

A major source to most of the information found on my blog came from
This web site is dedicated to awareness of not only female politics but women’s rights all over the nation. This is the official web site for the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), and is a unit of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. CAWP has been analyzing and interpreting women’s participation in American politics for almost four decades and is nationally recognized as the leading source of scholarly research and current data about American women’s political participation. The Center for American Women and Politics mission is to promote greater knowledge and understanding about women’s participation in politics and government and to enhance women’s influence and leadership in public life.
I found the web site to be most helpful in keeping me up to date on all of the elections where a woman was running for state legislature, governor, congress, and even democratic nominee when Hillary Clinton was still a possibility. CAWP had links to all of these women’s home web sites where I found a lot of up to date info on their campaigns and main headlines as well as few stories. Also there are links at CAWP that allow you to watch the polls in races that women were running.
One article I found interesting was a story about president-elect Barack Obama who has a standard to meet or beat the record proportion of women appointed under President Bill Clinton which at one point had 9 of the 19 cabinet members that were women. Currently there have only been 33 women to ever serve in the Presidential Cabinet. “This is just one way that the Obama administration will reflect the nation’s diversity, including many strong women like those who have helped to shape his life and career.”

Friday, November 14, 2008

Palin speaks out..

Obviously the primary central figure to my topic is Sara Palin.  If you have read any of my other posts or even read any newspaper you will have seen that Sara Palin is all over the news.  At one point her face was pictured in every newspaper on WSU campus, as well as other types of media.  However as we all know Palin was both positively and negatively displayed by the media.  At the beginning of the campaign Palin was displayed as a ploy by the Republican Party to gain the majority women’s vote.  However as the campaign progressed the biases in the media started to become visible.  This was mainly seen in the television news stations, which obviously chose their sides as to which campaign they supported.  The stations that were on the democratic side targeted Palin by slandering her name and questioning her stance on the abortion issue.  Some stations wrote story’s that exposed her family and mainly her daughters child and possible second child.  However the most public slandering of palin came after the vice presidential debate, where Palin was ridiculed by most types of news for her speech edicate when she used names to describe types of people as “Joe Six-Pack” and “Dave the plumber.”  Last week I saw two skits on the popular television show Saturday Night Live   where she was made fun of in a fake debate with Biden.

            Although most people only remember the negative press that Palin received during the election there was also a lot of positives that came with the negatives. Last week at the Republican Governors Association conference Palin addressed the media for the first time after losing the election.  According to many pollsters Palin made very smart moves during her first speech addressing the media about many of the accusation’s of her clashing with McCain among other issues.    

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palin's post campaign speech.

The article I chose was in USA Today and it was an article about Sara Palin and her actions with the media post election.   This article however did not mention anything about her book that she is supposedly going to write, or any of the other rumors about her commentary abut the past election.  Mainly the article speaks about her comments made in her first speech since losing the election.  Palin praised Sen. John McCain and wished Obama well in her few opening statements.  She also stated about president elect Obama “if he governs with the skill and the grace and the greatness of which he is capable, we’re going to be just fine, and as he prepares to fill the office of Washington and Lincoln, know that this is a shining moment in American history.”  She later spoke about her opinion on what direction her party should take.  In the article Palin states that her defeated party must return to core GOP values, such as limited government and personal freedom.  Which is a sign of her returning to her very conservative views that she had once maintained before she began running for the white house with John McCain.   She later emphasized this again by saying “the Washington values displayed by our national leaders simply don’t reflect the values of the Republican Party.”   I feel that these first speeches by Palin show what is to come in the future of her political career.  It seemed to me that she is trying to show how much she intends to move back to her pre campaign views of conservatism.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The video I chose was sent to me by my sister that is twelve years old and is still living in Alaska.  She is a hard-core democrat and was pretty excited to see this.  The video was filmed in Alaska, however the video was primarily of women that live in Anchorage Showing support for Obama by making the Obama logo outside of the state building.  The video also showed pictures women as well as men showing their support all over the state.  Some pictures were of people camping in cabins, on top of mountains, on beaches.  There was even one picture of some women holding Obama signs after the Alaska Day parade in my hometown of Sitka.  This seemed awkward to me because I assumed that Alaska would be in full support of Sara Palin.  However after talking to my mom she said that there has been a lot of support shown for Obama all over the state and it was all over the news.  I thought it was interesting that there almost seemed to be an uprising of democrats this year in a state that has a republican senator running for vice president next to John McCain.  Republicans have primarily dominated Alaska for the last half-century as well.    the video clip can be found at

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Internet site that I chose to relate to my blog is  However although the site doesn’t relate solely to my topic of women in politics, it does provide thousands of stories and reports on women in politics and other issues of the sort. This media site is made to inform the public about news from all over the world, and not just news that is covered on the PBS television station, but from other television and radio stations as well as stories from all over the world in news papers, journals, magazines, and other scholarly sources.  This site has become very helpful in providing me with topics to blog about as well as my own personal interest reading.  Two of the stories I used from this website were both related to Sara Palin and her influence in the recent presidential election.  Another article I used was about Palin’s negative support that she was receiving from the female population in not only Alaska her home state, but in other high women’s rights states as well, such as Connecticut and Michigan.   These aren’t the only articles that I pulled from this site.  I have used two other blogs that have been influenced by information that I found on this site.  I would recommend this site to anyone that needs to research information that is covered by any type of media.