Monday, December 15, 2008

final blog and personal study

As my last post I would like to talk about a quick study I have wanted to do for this blog all semester. This study was done by asking 6 different female college students at Washington State University. All of these women were asked the same question of “how do you feel about the role women play in politics today, and do you feel that women receive the same rights that males do? I recorded all of the replies that were given to me and came up with these theories.
Of the replies I received in this study there was one response that I received from all 6 interviews. This response was that they felt like women share all of the same freedoms that men do and more. What they were saying by this is that they don’t feel like sexism plays a role in society anymore and furthermore women receive privileges and are accepted in more ways than men. This was further insinuated in an example that one women gave me which was there are more options and alternatives for women in life than men. Of these opportunities and privileges are women are sometimes hired for jobs over men only because they are female and many large companies need to have female representation to avoid accusations of sexism, the same thing applies with the racial issue. Many companies are hiring people of other ethnicities over white applicants to instill diversity in their companies. Another example that I thought of was the amount of college scholarships offered to women and other ethnicities. If anything this makes it look like the white male is now at a disadvantage. However statistics still show this is not the case. This small and short study I completed didn’t make any major uncovering but it did tell me that most women feel that they are not discriminated against and feel that sexism is no longer an issue as it was years ago.

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